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Diskspace The maximum allowed diskspace to be in use permantly. Using a fair-use policy it is allowed to exceed this quota for a brief period of time to work with temporary files.
Traffic The maximum traffic allowed usage per month in MB. This includes FTP, Website, EMAIL and other. While maintaining a fair-use policy we monitor the monthly traffic exceeding quota, for this we will bill you afterwards.
POP3 For receiving and sending EMail messages we offer POP3 and SMTP EMail accounts. By default your first EMail address is an catch-all address, meaning that it receives all messages to nonexisting addresses on your domain. (eg. the mail for goes to
Domainname A domainname is a easy reference to an digital computer address where your website is stored. We offer domainnames with several hosting plans. These can be of the type .com .net .org .info .biz .eu .be .nl .uk 

Other domains required other fee's. Please contact our sales department or visit for more information about domainnames.
Subdomains Using a subdomain you can create a short URL for users to specific directories. For example you can have pointed to your /shop/ directory to have users start directly at the page you want.

The extra's with the hostingplans can consist of;

  • Background processes, run permanent shell processes (in background)
  • MySQL database, have a online database installed
  • EMail aliases, have email forwarded to another address
  • Domain forwards, have a existing domain forwarded to another domain
  • Vservers, have additional accounts within your original account
Virtual servers A virtual server acts as a userspace for a seperate FTP/Telnet login, domainname and webstatistics. As a reseller one could resell these virtual servers as full hosting accounts. These virtual servers are hosted from within the original userspace of the billing contact.
Telnet/SSH2 Telnet is the standard for accessing our shell or web server by a (Linux) shell console.
From a shell console you have the ability to directly access your directories and files. We also provide access to vserver-logs to monitor the traffic per domain (virtual server).
Note: Shell programs have special conditions, see our Acceptable Usage chapter of our trading conditions.
FTP The File Transfer Protocol is the world wide standard for exchanging files between (remote) network computers.
Use FTP to manipulate the files stored on your hosting account (a directory on our webserver). Use programs like Cute-FTP, LeapFTP or Voyager for this.
CGI/Perl5 The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) allows you to execute Perl scripts.
Using CGI you can program (automate) various tasks of your website.
PHP Our PHP deamon allows version PHP v5 to run.
Using PHP you can easily automate large parts of your website as well as influence the interaction to a high extent. Use PHP with MySQL to create your online applications from forums to ordersystems, PHP+MySQL is a powerfull combination. If you wish to view more information about the PHP configuration then click this PHP Test link.
WML/WAP The Wireless Application Protocol is one of the standards for wireless networking. We allow the running of WML scripts to enable your site for WAP users. With WAP your visitors can access your site mobile. Try it out on our own WAP site here. Read more about WAP sites at our catalog section.
MySQL MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL database.
MySQL can be used with several programlanguages to act as an (online) database for your data. Use a database when storing in files becomes inefficient or complex.

Our MySQL activation comes with a free installed PHPMyAdmin script set to access and manipulate your MySQL database.
Note: We only supply single user databases, when you require more then one database on one account we will add a new user to access this.
Original MySQL documentation :
SSL The Secure Socket Layer certificates are used to secure (encrypt) communication with our webserver. Use an SSL certificate to add secure transactions to your online ordersystem, or for valuable dialogs or data. Our Entrust 128bit SSL certificates ensure the safety of your data sent between visitor and webserver. Read more about SSL web certificates here.
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