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Website Hosting accounts including FREE extra's !

Web and E-Mail Hosting accounts with a complete range services

We offer you professional hosting through various hosting plans. Below you can see our standard plans. Click on the account for more details or contact our salesstaff for support.

Hosting plan Diskspace Traffic
Domainname Annual Purchase
EMail plan 100 MB 500 MB 1 EUR 48.00
Family plan 500 MB 10000 MB 1 EUR 98.00
Web Presence plan 1000 MB 20000 MB 1 EUR 115.00
! All prices are exclusive VAT.

FREE domainname included !

Have your name secured and available online 24/7. Choose your FREE domainname from a range of extentions (TLDs) : com, net, org, biz, info, name, nl, be, eu, uk or choose one from our complete range of extensions. Or if you already have a domainname then have it transferred or forwarded without charge!.

Quality email+web hosting accounts

Choose our top quality hosting solutions and rest assured that your visitors will be served. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee our customers are certain that their website and email services will sustain throughout the year. Our hosting solutions are provided by the #1 datacenter Rackspace and run LAMP solutions. Our accounts include a range of services for PHP, CGI, PERL, FTP, POP3, shell access, crontabs and much more.

As we expect our clients to only accept quality hosting facilities and services we have focussed on three main issues; connectivity , quality and security. Connectivity to ensure a high uptime percentage, due to maintenance downtime there will always be a downtime percentage though we strive to maintain an uptime of over 99% Quality to ensure a full operational server net offering the services required for shell, web, email and database activities. Security to ensure that valuable data is not accessed nor damaged by an unauthorised third party.

"Perfect Uptime" (Source: InterSeer February 2013)
Our servers are monitored by InterSeer.

Our servers are monitored by InterSeer , a professional Web Site Monitoring Service, wich informs us on the rare downtimes or connectivity problems. Click here to see the InterSeer uptime report of this site.

Hosting services included

With all our hosting accounts a range of standard services are included. These accounts are ready to go for uploading of websites, E-Mailing and installation of applications.

An Online administration panel
A Online and Offline helpdesk
FTP / Telnet / CGI Perl 5+ / PHP 5+
Access to virtual server logfiles
Custom error pages
Webalizer visitor statistics
Free 3 Monthly backup facility
Webbased EMail access
RealTime Domainname Management
RealTime DNS Management
Easy up and down grading
And the friendly services of our support team

WebSite solutions

We can provide custom website development for promotion and commercial use. Each website comes with its own unique design tuned to the presentation requirements of the organisation. Our included Presence Promotion services will insert your website address into the search engines. For more information about this see our Web Development packages or contact our sales desk.

Software solutions

Depending on the need for your organization we can deliver standard applications or custom build software and add-ons. Customized software allows for optimized processing and presentation. We develop PHP applications and specialise in the automation of online company processes for sales, system interaction, conversion and statistics production. For more information about this see our Software development services or contact our sales desk.

Supported Payment methods

We accept payment by major creditcards, bank transfer and Paypal. Details of our payment options can be found here

2Checkout Paypal Bank transfer

Award winning partners and technology

Continues working towards quality improvements requires strong and innovative partners. Amongst our winning resources in the technology market we include Rackspace, eNom, SIDN, Linux, PHP. Our hosting services for web and email is based on the growing succes of these proven innovative technology resources.

Requesting advise or hosting quotes

Feel free to contact us for more information on our Hosting services or quotes on custom hosting accounts. Our hosting services are delivered according to our general terms of service.

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